Cone Beam CT is the latest addition to our diagnostics. Many of you might have had to take a CT scan for your ENT problems. Do you know what makes CBCT different from others?

The first and foremost, miniscule radiation exposure. Did you know that even an X-Ray exposes you to a certain amount of radiation? And a conventional CT scan exposes you to much more than that. The state-of-the-art CBCT involves 70-80% less radiation than conventional CT.

Second, the CBCT scan takes less than a minute. Since it is right inside our clinic, 5 steps from our consultation rooms, the scan result is available within 5 minutes, reducing your waiting time. Dr. Hans or the other consultants check the report themselves on the computer, within minutes of the scan, saving valuable time of yours.

Third, our consultants check the scan result immediately on the system. They are not restricted by any set pictures as in DVDs or printed films. They are able to check every mm of the scanned area. This helps us diagnose exactly and precisely, not missing any part.

With the advent of this in our centre, our patients do not have to go elsewhere for the scans. Moreover, the consultation and scan happen with a few minutes of each other, saving valuable time for the patients. There is no waiting period for the scan result or for the consultant to have a look at it.


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