Ear (Otology)

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Conditions Treated

A condition in which stapes footplate becomes fixed to the oval window and causes hearing trouble. The stapes is one among the three small bones inside the middle ear which are important in hearing. The condition is more common in young ladies and is gradually progressive. Patients usually complain of hearing loss without any other symptoms like ear discharge or pain or vertigo. Surgery has an excellent success rate when performed by an experienced surgeon. Here we replace the faulty stapes bone with a small piston precisely.
After the surgery till the healing is complete the patient needs to follow certain precautions. Talk to your doctor before the surgery and get all your fears allayed. This is a delicate microscopic surgery performed with utmost delicacy. In those patients who are not willing for surgery we can offer hearing aids. There will be a hearing gain while using the hearing aids but the disease will still be progressing inside the middle ear cavity.

Fungal infection of the outer ear including the ear drum is called otomycosis. People usually complain of ear fullness, pain, reduced hearing and ear discharge when they have this. Long term and repeated fungal infections of the outer ear can cause diffuse infection of the whole outer ear worsening the already existing problem. Antifungal ear drops are given. We also provide information on how to keep the ear clean. Contrary to common belief, we
discourage the use of ear buds to clean the ear. Get in touch with one of our consultants to find out what is the best way to keep your ears clean and infection free. If you suffer from any of the above-mentioned symptoms then avoid inserting ear buds, keep the ears dry and get a consult from us. Ignoring this condition can lead to untoward effects like worsening of the hearing loss and also a perforated ear drum. In persons with reduced immunity the
infection can spread deeper into the tissues and the ear.

Children and the elderly with affected senses very frequently insert unwanted small objects into their ears, nose and throat. In our practice we have removed batteries, seeds, flower petals, plastic items, cells, toys, lego materials, paper bits, cotton, small sticks, pencil leads and what not from the ears, nose and throat of patients. Any foreign body needs to be removed promptly. Objects like battery can leak and the harmful chemicals can permanently destroy the sensation of smell and hearing. Chemicals from cells can cause corrosive injury in the respiratory and digestive tract causing life-threatening complications. If organic foreign bodies like seeds are not removed immediately, then they may swell up after absorbing the mucus and secretions which are produced inside the body cavities. Once they get swollen up, the removal becomes more difficult. We have the latest instruments
which help us precisely remove the foreign material from the ear, nose and throat. Depending on the nature and the location of the material as well as the age of the patient, the instrument and technique used differ. In a child with recurrent discharge from one side of the nose, we suspect foreign body the first. Visit us for a painless and quick removal of Foreign body from anywhere in the ear, nose and throat. Our team comprises well
experienced doctors who are very friendly to kids and have a knack in removing such materials in small children.