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The diagnosis of allergy is not as simple as the word allergy is! We need to know the exact allergen that you are sensitive to, so that we can initiate appropriate allergen avoidance measures or desensitization therapy. The diagnosis of the same involves either Skin Prick Allergy testing or a Comprehensive Blood Allergy Profile.

The gold standard test for allergy diagnosis is the Skin Prick Allergy Test. Here we place a drop of each allergen (protein) on the skin of your forearm and then use a small thin needle to scratch it gently. We wait for 10-15 minutes to check if there is any bump or redness on the area. The presence of these will indicate that you are allergic/sensitive to those proteins.

SPT is very safe and painless. The test takes about half an hour and the results are available instantly. At Dr. Hans’ Centre we use highly purified standardized imported allergens. Our accuracy is unparalleled and we are able to pinpoint the exact cause of your problem.

SPT is a valuable tool in the case of sinusitis, rhinitis, cold, recurrent cough, fluid in ears, recurrent earaches, skin rashes, asthma, wheezing, persistent nose blocks, reduced sense of smell and many more troubles. Sufferers of allergy experience more severe flu, COVID-19, and other viral/bacterial respiratory infections.

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