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Nose & Sinus (Rhinology)

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Conditions Treated

Allergy refers to increased sensitivity to certain substances in air. This manifests as runny nose, nose block, itching, headache, weakness and more. When severe it blocks the ventilation to sinuses and causes severe sufferings. Being between the eyes and separated from the brain by paper thin bones, the infection inside sinuses and the nose should be addressed immediately.

In addition to removing the sinus infection either medically or surgically, we must ensure that it does not recur again. The main factor for this is the control of allergies. By controlling allergies, we provide a permanent cure to your sino-nasal problems and sinusitis.

Visit our state-of-the-art ENT centre offering a plethora of treatment options for allergy and sinusitis. Get tested via skin prick testing and find out the exact component in air that is causing all the troubles. The skin prick test is the most modern test which is painless, instant and diagnoses precisely. Once we know what is bothering you, we provide customised vaccines to build immunity. With allergy vaccines say good bye to runny nose, itching and nose block all life.

The septum divides the nose into two nostrils. Although never perfectly in the centre, the nasal septum in some could be deviated to one side causing airway obstruction and difficulty in breathing. Some individuals have an ‘S’ shaped septum & crooked nose even. Such septal deviations causing severe obstructive or cosmetic issues are corrected surgically. We employ endoscopes to correct your deviated septum in a suture less and scarless way. In some individuals a minimal deviation would be worsened due to underlying allergies. So, an allergy testing is essential before deciding on surgery. Correct management of allergies may obviate the need for surgery in some.

Nose is central to one’s face. Being a midline structure, a beautiful, symmetric & perfect nose is a prerequisite for a good-looking face. However due to accidents, trauma or defects since birth some many have an asymmetric or crooked or deformed nose. Rhinoplasty is the procedure to correct the shape of such deformed noses. We perform precise rhinoplastic procedures to correct the deformed nose & give you a symmetric nose most appropriate for your face. Our techniques are minimally invasive and give importance to the natural look of the face to provide our patients a pleasing look. We confer with our patients and discuss in detail their aspirations with regards to surgery to provide the best customized outcome.

Polyps are grapelike structures which develop inside nostrils in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis and allergies. When left unattended these can protrude into the eyes or brain causing disastrous effects. After obtaining necessary CT scans to check the extent of the disease, we employ powered instruments with straight and angled blades under telescopic vision to precisely remove the diseased tissues and preserve normal tissues accurately. Polyps occur most commonly due to allergies and hypersensitivities. Get a skin-prick allergy testing done to find out the cause for sinus troubles and get a permanent solution for polyps. Polyps and sinusitis can recur when you do not address the root cause for their development, which is allergy in most individuals.

Growths can develop inside the nasal and sinus cavities due to many reasons. After an initial biopsy to ascertain the nature of the growth we plan for a complete removal. This entails some blood investigations and radiological scans preoperatively. Rarely, subsequent to the removal, some radiation may be needed. In addition to complete removal, every effort must be made to percent recurrence. Tumours can be cancerous or non-cancerous. Visit us for a clear diagnosis followed by the best treatment.

The nose has a rich blood supply and bleeding from nose is a common complaint. It may affect children and adults alike. When there is bleeding, we control it immediately. This is followed by finding out the cause and the site of nasal bleeding. The cause of bleeding could be varied. Only when you address the root cause of the problem will you get a lasting relief. There are 4 vessels which meet in the front of nasal septum which can bleed easily. Bleeding can be the presenting symptom of tumors inside nose or bleeding disorders of the body or some brain conditions. Don’t delay your visit to an ENT when you have nasal bleeding.

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery refers to the use of endoscopes to clear various diseases inside the nasal cavities like polyps, sinusitis, tumors, bleeding and many more. We incorporate state of the art Karl-Storz telescopes with straight and angled vision along with powered instruments like debridders, coblators, radiofrequency and many more to offer super precise surgery with minimal trauma to adjacent normal tissues. Many sino-nasal diseases are either caused or worsened by allergy. It is imperative that you get an allergy testing before doing FESS. We employ skin prick allergy testing which is the gold standard test for allergies.